stepping stonesWhen you list your property with me you’ll get solid support along every step of the way.

I will give you objective advice, my experiences, expert analysis on current market conditions, Tallahassee real estate market information, the most cutting edge technology, and personalized service that only 30 years in the real estate business can deliver to your home sale.

My goal from the first moment that you decide to sell is to get your property into the marketplace and in front of the eyeballs who are looking to buy. There will never be pressure from me to buy or sell and you will always be in good hands. From day one to closing  we will be coordinating the details for you and making sure you are informed however you like to be informed, every step of the way.


One of the reasons I enjoy selling real estate so much– next to negotiating, is the Marketing! I spare no reasonable expense of time and money to understand, develop a custom plan for you and deploy all of the technological requisites of the day including MLS, a powerful web marketing strategy that includes websites like mine at, ads and exposure on Google, Facebook, Zillow and Trulia, Listhub to name a few, and by networking with all of the right people, including other Realtors. I am early to bed, early to rise and I advertise in ways 90% of my competition just won’t.

The right Realtor at the center of the transaction who brings a serious creative advertising and professional effort is the best choice for getting top price and terms more quickly.


The first 90 days of listing is critical. Priced right and looking marketable you can expect a lot of showings and a faster contract by being open to weekend showings in the Fall and Winter and anytime showings in the Spring and Summer.  It is a lot to keep a property, show ready but it is important.   Doing this will mean we get a great offer faster and you can move on to step three! Truly the goal is to establish a price, get the property market ready, show off the property and get an great offer as soon as possible!


Yes I have watched the real estate reality series but reality is far from Millionaire agent shows.  I have negotiated thousands of transactions and have dealt with just about every psyche you can imagine. Made millions. So it is best that my client become nameless and faceless in the process and let a professional deal with it.  Trust me there are a thousand things that can be inferred but experience knows better.  We can suggest all sorts of terms but our clients are always in control of the outcome when it comes to contract negotiations. An attorney review is welcome anytime, but they won’t be selling your property.

“We appreciated how professional Steve was, we knew we never had to worry about anything, that he always had all the bases covered. Above all else he was always a gentleman-never pushy, abrasive, hard-sell or antagonistic.”

Rex & Kathi Mehr


Today insurance companies, lenders and home inspectors are driving real estate transactions like never before.  From flood insurance, mandatory four-point Inspections, useful lives on roofs, water heaters, HVAC systems, plumbing–you name it.   Today buyers are having more inspections for lead based paint, radon gas, potable water, wood rot and mold and mitigating all of these deficiencies have their own set of vexing regulations and requirements. Open permits and work done without permits, lack of road maintenance agreements, survey and title issues, the list has gotten much bigger than back in the day. None of these things go away on their own and their is a high degree of probability there will be one of these snags that has to be resolved before we get to closing. Because there are two parties to a transaction, a problem may even arise on the buyer’s sale that precludes a purchase of your property.

There is an old saying that many great ideas get killed by insurance and over the years I have made it a practice to first ask what the insurance companies think about a subject before I assume there is no problem.

All the right connections to get us in the right direction means our sale will happen faster.

Every now and then I get lucky on a deal and everything goes as planned.  But most of the time that is not the case. Before I list your property, I am going to be brutally honest about what I think will be coming our way even if we find the most easy going buyer in the world.  Whether the transaction closes or not won’t be up to the buyer, it will be up to the insurance companies and the attributes of the property we are selling.


There is always room for improvement so before we go to market we can determine what if any you might what to do to make the property more appealing and I have plenty of connections in every trade to give a fair quote, are licensed and insured and most of all will complete the work in an expert professional manner.  When random items come up during the inspection that need to be resolved either by the buyer or seller, both parties can rely upon our vendors assessments, prices and warranties behind them.  You will never have to worry whether a service provider is trying to take advantage of a delayed closing or be involved if their price is not right.  We also currently manage several hundred income properties and can deal with any maintenance or service issue that will invariably come our way.


Everyone wants to get to the closing table in an orderly fashion and we will make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before you even sit down to sign the paperwork and get your money. When we close, you are done.  There will be no unresolved issues and you will be able to move on to the next thing in your life.  New lending laws require that the parties receive closing documents 3 days in advance of the closing and this cannot be waived.  Therefore we will have you ready to go at least 3 days prior to closing and ensure the buyer, insurance company and their lender is operating with this clearly in mind.


It is the big day and the buyer will be doing a walk through while you are probably finishing the last of the details.  Everything will be in order.  It is going to be a great day.  Relax and enjoy the closing because by the time you get there, everything will be ready to close and fund. You will be happy, the buyer will be happy and Steve Wright will be happy to have another successful closing!


Sometimes our clients leave Tallahassee for good, and sometimes they come back, but they always have friends and family that may need our help not only in Tallahassee, but somewhere in United States.  I am constantly networking with other brokers I have introduced many of my outbound Tallahassee clients to other great brokers to help them relocate in other cities.   I’ll plan to keep in touch from time to time after the sale. And I will always be available even if the need has nothing to do with real estate.

I have been selling real estate since 1988 and since then have listed and personally closed hundreds of real estate sales in the Tallahassee area–thousands of transactions my associates who have worked for me over many years.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Tallahassee you can rely on me to make sure the process goes smoothly from contract to closing.  My team uses just about every imaginable professional tool out there to benefit our clients while providing a personal touch to every single real estate transaction.

Call or text me anytime at 850.510.4312

“We are very pleased to have chosen Steve Wright of Investors Realty as our broker in our quest to buy our 10,000 square foot commercial building in midtown Tallahassee.

Steve Wilkerson, President
Steve Wilkerson, President

Florida Cable Telecommunications Association

The choice of a Realtor was a very important factor in the success of our purchase, as we knew negotiations with the landlord would be serious and possibly contentious. We were able to come to an agreed upon price that our Board of Directors approved and that left all parties satisfied, in no small part because of Steve Wright’s tenacity. He represented our interests with honor and with an intelligent persistence that proved to be the major factor in the outcome.”  Sale Price: $1.6Million

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